The Rotocast Group is into manufacturing of Expanded Polyethylene Sheets (EPE Foam) since 1996.

CFC Free Recyclable

Handling sufficient volumes of EPE annually makes us one of the leading manufacturers in the country. Not surprisingly, we also offer the widest and most comprehensive range of EPE products in India. Our plant, which is based in Raipur, is powered by technology from world leaders, and complements our extensive facilities for R & D and new product development.

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) is a polyethylene based foam which is a flexible, light weight, resilient and microbe free packaging material. This along with low moisture absorption, transmission, chemical resistance and zero abrasion makes it an excellent packaging and insulating material as against the conventional materials like paper shavings, honey comb, rubberised coir, PU foam and air bubble films.

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