Rotocast EPE Pouches and Bags are available in thickness of 1 mm, 2mm & 3 mm and are available on customer's requirement and as per design to suit individual requirements.



EPE TEchnical Specification
Density Kg/m3 20-50
Tensile Strength:    
-Machine Direction Kg/cm2 3.5-5.0
-Traverse Direction Kg/cm2 2.0-3.5
Elongation (T.D.) % 40-65
Compression Strength (at 10% deflection) Kg/cm2 0.1-0.8
Thermal Conductivity KCal/M.Hr°C 0.024
Service temperature range °C -50 to +70
Chemical resistance - Excellent
Weather resistance - Excellent
Surface Resistivity
Ohms/Sqm 108-1011
Water Absorption
Volume 0.1%
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