Rotocast EPE has certain superior features, which give it an edge over other packaging materials.

They are discussed below:

  • Flexible: Because of its softness and flexibility, Rotocast EPE wraps around the products and offer protection at points other materials cannot reach.
  • Excellent Cushioning: The closed cell structure imparts higher mechanical strength to Rotocast EPE making it highly shock absorbent and durable for all applications.
  • Resilient: It regains its shape after shock. It does not fracture or crumble from pressure or shocks.
  • Scratch Proof: Rotocast EPE's soft surface protects the material without giving any scratches to delicate products.
  • Chemical Resistant: Rotocast EPE is inert to most chemicals including acids, alkali's and other chemical solvents.
  • Moisture Resistant: The moisture absorption and transmission rates of Rotocast EPE are almost negligible.
  • Anti-static: Rotocast EPE is naturally anti-static and does not attract dust. Special anti-static grade sheets are also available for packing of electronics so as to protect them from electric charge in the environment.
  • Thermal Insulation: Extremely low thermal conductivity and low moisture absorption and transmission rates make Rotocast EPE a perfect insulating material, particularly for low temperature applications.
  • Effective temperature range: The properties mentioned above for Rotocast EPE remains unaltered in a temperature range of -50°C to +70°C allowing a wide spectrum of possible effective applications.
  • Easy to handle and fabricate: It can be easily fabricated in any shape, size and structure and without any special equipments or tools.
  • Wide Range: Rotocast foam is available in a wide range of rolls, planks, and reinforced sheets, laminated sheets & prefabricated customised shapes to suit individual requirements.
  • Support Services: Rotocast EPE has a wide distribution network with offices in metros and dedicated agents in other cities.
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